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How to Create a Mobile App that Users Love and Keep Coming Back to in 2023

How to Create a Mobile App that Users Love and Keep Coming Back to in 2023


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One of the most popular and lucrative ways to connect with and engage your target audience in the digital age is through mobile apps. As of September 20221, over 3 point 2 million apps were accessible through Google Play, and more than 2 million were accessible through the App Store. Furthermore, by 20232, revenue from mobile apps is projected to reach over $935 billion. 

It’s not simple, though, to make a profitable mobile app. Along with your app’s appearance and features, you should think about how well your app will keep users engaged and loyal. The proportion of users who keep using your app after the initial download is known as user retention. The level of attachment and engagement users have with your app is referred to as user loyalty. 

For your app to succeed and grow over time, user retention and loyalty are essential because they show how valuable and satisfying your app is to your users. They also affect your app’s revenue because devoted users are more likely to buy things in-app, pay for premium features, and spread the word about your app. 

The average 30-day retention rate for apps across all categories worldwide, according to Adjust, was around 25% on Day 1 and fell to around 6% by Day 30 in 20222. In the first three days following installation, the average app lost about 77% of its daily active users (DAUs)3. These figures demonstrate how difficult it is for app developers and marketers to keep users of mobile apps engaged and loyal. 

 Following are some guidelines and trends you should use to develop a mobile app that users will love and keep using in 2023:. 

Offer a seamless onboarding experience. First impressions count, and the onboarding process can either convince users to stick with your app or not. The features and advantages of your app should be explained to users step-by-step, without being intimidating or confusing. Additionally, it should emphasise the distinctive value that you offer and motivate users to act. Clear and succinct instructions, interactive tutorials, progress indicators, and tailored content are all necessary for providing a seamless onboarding experience. 

Provide value and relevance. Users download and use your app primarily because they anticipate it will be useful and relevant to their needs and objectives. Value can be described as the advantages that your app provides to your users, such as a problem-solving function, a chance to save time or money, or a fun feature. The alignment of your app with the preferences, interests, and behaviours of your users is what is meant by relevance. Understanding your target audience, conducting user research, segmenting your user base based on their demographics, behaviours, and preferences, and presenting them with individualised and pertinent content and offers are all necessary for providing value and relevance. 

Use push notifications and in-app messages. Push notifications and in-app messages are effective methods for reaching out to users, reminding them of the benefits of your app, and motivating them to take action. Even when users are not actively using your app, push notifications still show up on their devices. In-app messages are notifications that show up while a user is actively using your app. Your users can be informed of new features, updates, promotions, tips, requests for feedback, and more using both push notifications and in-app messages. You must segment your user base, create compelling and pertinent messages, use strong calls to action, test and optimise your messages for best results if you want to use push notifications and in-app messages effectively. 

Leverage gamification and social proof. Two psychological techniques, social proof and gamification, can boost your app’s user retention and loyalty. Gamification is the process of engaging and motivating your users by utilising game mechanics and elements like leaderboards, points, badges, levels, and rewards. The use of social cues and influences, such as testimonials, ratings, reviews, referrals, and social media shares, to increase user trust and credibility is known as social proof. To take advantage of gamification and social proof, you must create an engaging user experience, provide incentives and rewards for desired actions, highlight positive user feedback and social proof from other users, and incentivize users to recommend your app to others. 

Collect and analyse user feedback and data. Understanding the needs, expectations, satisfaction, and behaviour of your users requires user feedback and data. Surveys, reviews, ratings, comments, emails, chats, and phone calls can all be used to gather customer feedback. Analytics software like Google Analytics or Firebase can be used to collect user data. You can evaluate your app’s pros and cons, find its pain points and areas for improvement, and gauge how well it’s helping users achieve their objectives by gathering and analysing user feedback and data. 


Creating a mobile app that users love and keep coming back to in 2023 is a challenging but rewarding goal. By following these tips and trends, you can design and develop a mobile app that provides value and relevance, communicates effectively, motivates and engages, and learns and improves. This can help you increase your user retention and loyalty, and grow your app business in 2023 and beyond. If you need help with your mobile app development or marketing, contact us today at Recognise Designs. We are a tech services company that provides SEO related services, web and app design and optimisation, business intelligence and more. We can help you create a mobile app that users love and keep coming back to in 2023 and beyond.

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