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Barbers Net

Barbers net is formed to create a platform to the vast men’s beauty industry. This platform purpose to help employers and customers as well as barbers have platform they can use with ease in the industry whether its making an appointment, making payment or giving honest reviews of services you were given.

project description

The main purpose of the mobile application development is to create an easily accessible platform for all parties involved in this industry. The application includes features with the focus on barbers and customers as the main entities or users of this app. With this concept in mind we designed features that can assist barbers to register and create their profile and other necessary information themselves.

About Client

Barbers net platform is devoted to make things more accessible and more technology based in the men’s beauty industry.This platform helps in giving clear elevated growth for the shops and increases loyalty among clients, employers and barbers as well.


The absence of technology based system is holding back the industry from growing to larger scale and this in turn causes lack in communication among professionals in different parts of the world. Another factor that has been evident in the past few years is the lack of skilled professionals in the pool of applicants that professionals can take on as apprentices. This application can be a gateway in opening communication and increasing the size of applicants by ten fold as it reaches world wide.


This application features are designed to increase communication between employers, barbers and clients as well in an easy manner. The features of this platform are aimed in assisting barbers and their clients. Through their profile barbers can showcase their talents and their experience as well, which in the traditional sense could be a little difficult unless you get to talk to the barber on a personal level.

what we delivered