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Web analytics helps in understanding your customers on a deeper level which in turn can help in retaining customers and attracting new customers in the future while increasing sales,all by analyzing their behaviour and the amount they spend.We implement a free tool known as google analytics on each website we build so as to make web analysis much more easier and convinent.

Web analytics focuses on identifying measures based on your organisational and user goals and using the website data to determine the success or failure of those goals and to drive strategy and improve the user’s experience.

Why customers choose us for

  • Through web analytics we can help identify your user’s geographical dominance so as to make your marketing more effective. The analytics track how organic and paid traffic has been developing over time in real-time, and this will help a company invest their time and money more effectively
  • By tracking the bounce rate of your website and improving the user experience, we make sure that the content is what the users want and increase the profitability of the website.
  • Through unique and specific links created online or offline that can track marketing campaigns and give details on how effective they have been and how the users have perceived these campaigns.
  • By using web analytics we can improve and optimise your website and website services.
  • Only through the utilisation of web analytics can websites improve their conversion optimizations. We make sure the goal of CRO to make users do tasks assigned to them is fulfilled.
  • Analytics has a major role when it comes to managing online advertisements. Through efficient data collection we help in improving results in Google and Facebook ads.
  • By effectively using analytics, we can help you find the right target audience and its capitalisation.

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