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Debenhams plc is an online fashion retail British department store chain operating in the United Kingdom, Denmark and the Republic of Ireland that was recently bought by online retailer BooHoo recently.

project description

With the fast fashion trend over powering the fashion industry and since the pandemic people getting more used to online retailing rather than in person purchasing. full optimisation, RWD and full functionality in diverse platforms has become extra crucial. we designed this website to make the customers experience much more efficient.

About Client

Debenhams is a fashion company with a long history ,It was founded in 1778 as a single store in London and grew to 178 locations across those countries, also owning the Danish department store chain Magazine du Nord. It has recently been bought by an online fashion retailing company known as Boohoo and has be relaunched as an online-retail company only.


With fast fashion trend controlling the fashion industry and since the pandemic customers leaning more towards online purchasing , the importance of department stores to be more active in the social media and online platforms has increased greatly over the past ten years or so.


With the over-taking by Boohoo and re-launching as an online-retail business , having a fully optimised and interactive website became pivotal in running the business properly and increase customer satisfaction and engagement rate as well.

what we delivered