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Double NIORE

Double Niore is a UK based company that helps other companies enrich their online presence by conversion through interfaces based on best practice, enriching user experiences and solid analysis.

project description

With establishing the website for Double Niore we maintained the simplicity concept and focused on conveying the message of the services Double Niore offers to its clients and the list of clients they have worked before.

About Client

Double Niore is a company with creative and digital strategic expertise that builds online conversion through beautiful interfaces based on best practices, enriching user experience and solid analysis.


E-commerce sites conversion rate is one of the most crucial metrics to track. There is a direct link with your store not converting visitors to buyer to you losing money. if your store isn’t presenting high quality content and product offering then there is high chance customers will lose interest and abandon their items before making purchases.


The overall design of Double Niore is to convey the main message of what they offer and how they can help potential visitors who have issues in converting their website visitors to potential customers. With the main information included such as their previous client lists and their main contact information ,the simplicity of the websites speaks more than anything.

what we delivered