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HOBBS is a London, UK based fashion company with long history in the making.

project description

As a fashion company having a heavy online presence is vital in increasing yearly revenue. We collaborated with other developers to deliver a quality website the will help the company and their users experience be satisfactory.

About Client

In 1981, Hobbs was established in Hampstead, London. A green village in the midst of a city that never stops. It will always be our spiritual home, wherever we are in the world. Modern cuts, feminine tailoring and heritage craftsmanship – inspired by London, designed here and brought to life by our in-house atelier.


As of 2020 over 26% of the world population are online shoppers, this shows the immense amount of influx a certain brand can get to their website per day depending on the companies brand reputation. Having a website optimised and fully render in all devices is a crucial point that need to be assessed when designing the website.


As a company with long history and reputation, we put in mind the message and values the company wants to show its customers, and as a fast fashion industry we make sure the website is functional and can work efficiently on all platforms and increase the users engagement rate.

what we delivered